Great home décor ideas from handspun fabrics

India is famous globally for its beautifully made fabrics.

Article-13 Great home décor ideas from handspun fabrics

One of the trends of 2017 has been the use of handspun fabric, especially in home decor.

Colourful, vibrant handspun fabric in exciting new patterns can add a homely, fluid feel to any space.

Forget the rusty, vintage look for furniture. Colourful is the new elegant, and handspun fabric is just perfect for it. Let us have a look at some creative ways you can use handspun fabrics to decorate your home

Cover that old lamp

Bored of the old, dull lamp? Give the lamp an instant designer look by covering it with some classy fabric. A lightweight fabric such as silk is a great choice as it would add the needed glam quotient to the lamp without blocking any light.

You can attach the fabric to the lamp by using a fabric glue or a spray adhesive.

Make wall art

Add a lease of life to the empty wall of your living room by putting up a wall art made of handspun fabric. You can frame a colourful piece of fabric or cut pieces of fabrics and stick them on walls in a well-organised manner.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can sew together many pieces of fabric to create a long piece of wall art that can adorn your bed’s headboard.

Cover your divan

Contemporary, eclectic, traditional – no matter what your taste in home décor is – a divan drape made of handspun fabric is the perfect addition to any home.

In addition to being the focal point of the drawing room, the handspun drape makes the room look colourful. Just throw in a few cushions in a contrasting fabric for a rich look.

A quaint canopy above the bed

Give your room a romantic makeover by making a quaint canopy with handspun fabric. If your current furniture does not support the canopy, all you need are two mini curtain rods mounted from the ceiling and eclectic handspun fabric.

Decorative covers

One of the great ways to use leftover fabrics or fabric cut-outs is for decoration.

Use them as a table top cover or simply cover the dining room table.

Place them on the sofa’s armrests or keep a small cut-out in the centre of the dining table. There are thousand different ways in which you can use a handspun fabric as a decorative piece.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match fabric. Contrasting patterns are in fashion. Key is to experiment until you find the right combination.

By being creative and experimenting with handspun fabric, you can create amazing décor pieces for your house. If you have something unique in mind, you can get custom-made fabric too.

[Source; The Hindu]