Get Christmas going

Out with the old and in with the new Christmas decorations.

Article-12-1024x768 Get Christmas going

It’s not just technology that is fast changing in today’s day and age, but decor for the festive season as well.

With each passing year, South Africa is turning more toward American tradition bringing newer and foreign ideas with it.

Although becoming a trendy craze among some South Africans who immediately accepted the change, others were more critical and stood by their traditional theme.

For those who have not made up their minds yet, here are a few different Christmas themes to inspire change this festive season:

White Christmas

Since snow has never been recorded to fall in December in SA, the chances of there ever being a white Christmas are slim to none.

So why not bring a white Christmas to your home?

Depending on the tastes of individuals, the white Christmas tree is becoming popular among local residents.

Here are some ideas to spice up your tree and living room into a white fantasy Christmas:

  • Firstly, decorate the tree with a string or three of white lights.
  • Hang glass angel ornaments, white paper doves or even paper/glass snowflakes.
  • If it looks slightly dull, “colour” it with blue and silver baubles.
  • Get snow spray and line the windows at the bottom to make it look like snow lying on the windowsill.
  • If there aren’t any presents under the tree yet, wrap empty boxes or bricks with white wrapping.

Add any other decor specific to taste to complement the decor.

Colour blast

Prefer something more colourful for Christmas but bored the same theme every year?

Colour Christmas in with purple, blue, pink and gold.

This may seem a strange combination, but once put together and all the finer touches added, it can look brilliant.

  • Surround tree with strings of yellow lights.
  • Hang purple, blue and pink baubles all around tree.
  • Wrap with gold and purple tinsel.
  • Hang gold stars, do not worry if it looks cluttered, that is the aim.
  • Put pink and purple decorations underneath.

This is not the average Christmas decoration, but with a free-spirited mind the options are endless.

  • Tradition with a twist

If the traditional way is still the way to go, give it a little twist to get away from the yearly repeat of decorations.

  • Wrap green tree with strings of multiple coloured-lights and tinsel.
  • Hang green, yellow, gold, blue and silver baubles along with other festive ornaments.
  • Put red bow ties and green Christmas trees from top to bottom.
  • Hang small bells at the top of the tree.

Christmas themes can be whatever they are imagined to be, each one unique and each one creating special memories with the family.

If all else fails, keep small children busy by asking them to make special ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.

[Source; SouthCoast Sun]